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Tips to get the best from your Dubai holiday

If you are planning a Dubai vacation, looking for accomodation tips for Dubai or want to know where to go and what to do in Dubai? Perhaps looking for ways to spend less without compromising the quality of your vacation. Then you are in the right place.


Because we have been living in Dubai for last 15 years and know inside out of Dubai. There are many secrets to get the best from your Dubai holiday, find cheap Dubai hotels, interesting places you must visit during your holiday in Dubai.

No doubt, Dubai is the BEST in the Middle East. Best for holidays, best for shopping, best for jobs etc. Many Dubai hotels have been ranked as top hotels in the world. Dubai holidays have become one of the top ten holiday choices in the world. It's amazing that such a tiny city in the United Arab Emirates has so much to offer for everyone.

No matter if you are visiting Dubai for a vacation or as an expat for a long stay, we can guide you how to get the maximum out of your visit.

There is a big difference between visiting Dubai for a holiday verses visiting for a job and staying longer (we know this because we have done both). Especially, Dubai accommodation options can save you a lot of money if chosen carefully.

So what are we going to show you in this Dubai travel website about holidays in Dubai?

Everything! You see, everything you should know about Dubai such as ...

- How to find cheap flights to Dubai

- Favorite Dubai beaches

- Absolute "must do" things during Dubai vacations

- Best hotels and resorts and how to find best rates

- Favorite Dubai villas

- Yummiest Dubai restaurants

- Dubai shopping malls you must visit and secret shopping "tips" to save money

- Dubai nightlife and best nightclubs you MUST visit during your holiday in Dubai

- Best accommodation options for a long stay.

- How to find high paying jobs in Dubai in a week.

- Lifestyle options (if you are going to work and stay longer)

- Dubai properties and real estate investment tips. How to find investment properties below the market value

- The totally unique "little things" that make Dubai, Dubai.

- #1 tip for exploring Dubai

More to come on these and other "Dubai best" things to do, eat, and experience. Watch as I add to this list of "best of Dubai"...

People in different parts of the world call Dubai in different ways such as Dubia, Dobai, Duabi and Dubay. This place has many things to offer, no matter where are you coming from.

Lets start. Look at the navigation options in the left side of this page. Select and go to each page and read. We have added more pages on Dubai vacations related topics as most of the visitors are looking for good Dubai holiday tips.

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